Starter Jackets|Vintage Starter Jackets

Starter Jackets and Vintage Starter Jackets have made a HUGE comeback since their inception in the early 80's. Today, the Starter Jacket has become highly collectible and a sought after piece of professional sportswear from years gone by.

The Vintage Starter Jacket made from the shiny satin type material is among the most popular to collect and can be at times hard to find, particularly if its a sports team that has done well for themselves. Starter dominated the sportswear apparel when it launched itself into the professional sports market. They were best known for their jackets and snapback caps, which today too has enjoyed a big comeback. Starter eventually made their brand name easily accessible for all, from toddlers to seniors almost anyone could get themselves a Starter sportswear item.

Many of the professional sports teams had their jackets and caps, designed and made by Starter, so it pretty much became a household word, particularly if you were a sports enthusiast. You would be surprised how many have tucked these items from our youth into boxes and have them stored in attics or basements, that you had completely forgotten about. Well...its time to dig into them and blow off the cobwebs and start to make use of your favorite Starter Jacket all over again.

So whether you enjoy wearing Starter Jackets or Caps, or collect many of your favorite sports teams, its always fun to go down memory lane and see where the souvenir memorabilia has come from. For some professional sports teams today, they still carry the same Logo and colors, and for some teams, there has been a big switch to something different. Keep in mind, that some professional sports teams no longer exist, and you might be a lucky one who still has a Starter Jacket, representing them from the past...that is a HOT Collectible for sure. So pick your favorite sport, then your favorite team and then start shopping. Its as easy as a click of your mouse and your Starter Jacket will be on its way to you today!