686 Snowboard Jacket|686 Smarty Jacket

NEW ARRIVALS for the 686 Snowboard Jackets and the 686 Smarty Jackets are here in time for the Snowboarding Season!

686 has been a Company that combines technology, fashion design and art into one amazing snowboarding jacket for both men and women. If you love maximum comfort on the slopes while showcasing urban design flair, then a 686 or Smarty Snowboarding Jacket would be the perfect fit for you.

Men...be sure to check out the 686 Duel Infi-Loft Jacket or the 686 Counter Jacket, they are among the two most popular today! Having the jackets be waterproof, yet the feeling when you wear them, is that they are breathable, which is great. Another great feature is how warm you will be while wearing these jackets. 686 is a Company that looks to the future for the latest and greatest ideas for comfort on the slopes, while remaining true to the artful side of their brand name.

Women have not been left out of the equation by 686 or Smarty. Most popular this Season has been the Smarty Truffle Jacket and the 686 Reserved Passion Jacket. These jackets offer the same great features as in the Men's designs. Waterproof, breathable and for the Passion Jacket a great plaid design in three color combinations, that will have everyone admiring and wanting your jacket for themselves. If you can get your hands on the Smarty Truffle Jacket, then you will have scored a winner for sure.

So before you head to the slopes to enjoy your favorite Winter activity of snowboarding, make sure you have the right gear for the job. Shopping doesn't get much easier than from the comfort of your own home, so don't delay and get started today!