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Chicago Blackhawks have won the 2013 Stanley Cup

NHL Jackets, otherwise known as NHL Hockey Jackets just makes you feel like your part of a Team experience, whether you play hockey or not.

Hockey is a wonderful winter team sport and is enjoyed by many all over the world, but none more than North America, especially Canada. Hockey has often been referred to as Canada's national sport and there are not many households where hockey is either played or watched by most.

Wearing an NHL Team Jacket or NHL Team Jersey is like the ''icing on the cake'', it just makes you feel great, excited and enthusiastic to cheer for your NHL favorites. Vintage Collectibles have made a HUGE impact in the market of NHL souvenir collectibles today. One of the most popular brands back in the day was Starter. A NHL Starter Hockey Jacket today would be a real find, especially if it was in pristine condition and more so if it was from a popular NHL Team.

Don't forget to search the attics or basements of parents and grandparents, you never know what could be tucked away in their hockey keepsakes. So whether you are looking to add to one of your own collections or buy an NHL Jacket for that someone special in your life, be sure to check here at Jacket City for a great selection and a price point that can work well within any budget.

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